An LED Rant, Warning and Recommendation

December 10th, 2007

Here at the Green Tacky, Tacky home front, we were quite content with our new environmentally friendly LED lights procured from Target Friday evening. However, upon trying to install them this weekend, we realized that the lights were designed for built-in obsolescence. If one light blows, there’s no way to remove it to replace the bulb. Riddle me this: why are products only half-way green? You see it all the time: organic food served on Styrofoam plates or plastic cards in a food co-op. It just is crazy.

So off we set to our neighborhood hardware store, Strosniders, where they tend to carry the very finest of everything. (They also happen to be 100% wind-powered, isn’t that cool?) For about $3 more a box than the cheap environmentally unfriendly LEDs we bought at Target, we purchased replacement LEDs that came complete with two spare bulbs in the packaging. Check out Good Tidings brand Ultimate Indoor / Outdoor LED lights.

— Lynn

2 Responses to “An LED Rant, Warning and Recommendation”

  1. MamaBird on December 11, 2007 7:32 am

    How annoying! The Home Despot LED lights also take replacement bulbs — it’s Home Accents Holiday brand. Love Strosnider’s though, and I had no idea they were wind-powered, right on. Wish it was MY neighborhood hardware store, but worth the trek. Loving the Tacky, Tacky thread, wondering if you are perhaps a Showtime fan?

    Hi MamaBird, thanks for the tip about Home Despot and glad you love the thread. Thought I was the only one to call them that! :) If you trek up to Strosniders let me know, maybe we could finally meet in the real world! And no, I’ve never seen the Tacky, Tacky reference on Showtime. Just a coincidence, I guess! — Lynn

  2. Sue on December 15, 2007 7:58 pm

    OrganicMania, I love your post on LED Xmas lights. I went out last Sunday and bought myself a set of outdoor LED lights. They are really cool and give off a nice blue-white glow, but sadly they are also the disposable type. I would have loved to get the wind powered lights so thanks for the heads up on Strosniders. Although I can’t quite understand the tackier side of Xmas, I am happy to see all this finally get a little more green (and happy to get greener myself).

    Happy Holidays

    Hi Sue, thanks for your comment. Strosniders stores use wind powered energy. The lights are not wind powered. Sorry for any confusion! We found lights that can be replaced at Strosniders. — Lynn

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