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March 12th, 2008

The news is on my mind today – yesterday’s reports of drugs in the drinking water, scientific studies informing us that we need to reduce our carbon emissions by 90% to avert global warming disaster, and the recent discovery of downer cow meat in the school system. Yet I chose not to blog about these issues, figuring that readers would get their news elsewhere.

Is that what you expect from OrganicMania, or do you think I should start blogging about relevant news stories? Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts. I really value reader comments – we’re at more than 150 reader comments now – and I’ve learned so much from each of you. I want to make this blog work for everyone – let me know your thoughts, please!

— Lynn

6 Responses to “A Question for You – Yes, You!”

  1. nadine sellers on March 12, 2008 6:30 pm

    we do reap more news than we can digest, so easy on the popular fare, i prefer the main course.

    from my recent perusing, i find your site navigating the deeper conscience. you offer substance.

    please continue to inform your readers, this is what is needed…not a sensationalist dessert of mass mistakes and horrors.

    Nadine, thanks so much…and as always, well put! — Lynn

  2. Green Home Improvements on March 12, 2008 7:53 pm

    Blogging about the news is fine so long as it does not look like a RSS feed or a copy paste. Some bloggers like to use feed instead of content which is a little on the lazy side IMHO.

    I like to read peoples views on a news item. (story recap-link to good news source-authors views).

    Thanks for your feedback …Green Home Improvements! I appreciate it. — Lynn

  3. Maxine on March 12, 2008 10:20 pm

    I agree with your assumption that I will get my news elsewhere – however if a news story causes you to look into a subject, please enlighten us! Love what you’re doing so far, keep it up.

    Thanks so much, Maxine! Appreciate your feedback and the nice words. — Lynn

  4. Sue on March 13, 2008 7:35 am

    I think the answer depends on where you see your blog in terms of your direction and readership interaction. While I am not a news junky, I do find some articles of great interest and would like to see the environmental side of news issues and/or participate in discussions. However I have to agree with Green Home, a direct news feed is a common blog theme and does not necessarily need repeating. What is interesting about your blog is that it is multifaceted in substance. While I don’t always leave a comment, I read every blog.

    If you are asking of my opinion, my impression is that your best blogs tend to be on issues that are not necessarily in the popular press-but are everyday issues that we all face, e.g. organic milk, organic shampoo, kid marketing, schools lunches etc…

    I would of course love to see discussion and ideas of reducing our carbon footprint, but maybe that’s just because at work this is our next big thing.

    Keep up the most excellent job that you are doing!

    Thanks so much, Sue for this thoughtful input. Really appreciate it! And, wow, you read every post! Nice to know someone’s reading what I write! :) — Lynn

  5. Kiashu on March 16, 2008 2:23 am

    I think you should blog about whatever interests you. You’re not doing this for money, so you have to be motivated by interest and the responses of readers; but the interest is the main thing, if a topic bores you then you’re not going to be able to post regularly about it, and regular posting is what builds an audience.

    So just post about whatever interests you. Though I do agree with Lynn that we don’t need another news site. If you do enjoy posting news items, then perhaps you could just post a line or two, a link to the news item itself, and then your own thoughts on why that item is important. I mean, that’s what we come to blogs for – to hear people’s thoughts.

    Hey Kiashu, thanks for responding to my question and sharing your thoughts. Actually, it seems I’m spending more time on OrganicMania than on my technology marketing business! So don’t be surprised if you see a shift where somehow I manage to tastefully “monetize” this blog. I wrote about how I was going to figure out a way to make my passion for this site part of my worklife: http://organicmania.com/2007/11/19/how-blogging-has-changed-my-life — Lynn

  6. Kiashu on March 16, 2008 2:23 am

    Woops, this time including my own site link so you can see “who is this idiot posting on my blog?” :)

    Hey, Kiashu, thanks for stopping by. Are you kidding? I recognize your name from Marguerite’s site…our comments are always next to each others! Folks, this is Kyle – Kiashu- from greenwithagun.blogspot.com . What I want to know, is how did you come up with that site name?? Very unusual! — Lynn

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