Green and Organic Savings Friday: Organic Milk, Bread & Tea

May 2nd, 2008

Rising food prices are all over the news these days. I was actually afraid to set foot in the store this week, nervous about just how high prices were going. Yes, I keep thinking about how blessed I am to even have the choice of organic food vs. conventional, but it still doesn’t help when you hit the check-out line.

So let’s go back to basics, and focus on some savings opportunities with organic milk, organic bread, and organic tea.

While I’ve always loved the taste of Honest Tea iced tea, I must confess I was not buying organic tea leaves for hot tea. Until the OrganicMania interview with Seth Goldman, CEO of Honest Tea, I considered organic tea “nice to do” but not a necessary organic expenditure. But when I asked Seth how he became so interested in organics, he explained that it was his interest in tea that led him to discover organics. It turns out that tea is one of the most pesticide-laden products out there, and in some countries, really nasty pesticides like atrazine are used on tea plantations. Did it ever occur to you that tea leaves are not rinsed off until they hit the hot water of your tea kettle? (You can read the OrganicMania interview with Honest Tea’s Seth Goldman here).

With some great savings opportunities this week, now’s a good time to make the switch to organic tea. Allegro organic tea is on sale at Whole Foods, 2 packs for $7.00, a significant savings off the regular price of $4.99 a pack. And the Mambo Sprouts coupon book, available at the customer service desk or the check-out registers, includes a coupon for 55 cents off Good Earth organic tea. With the coupon, Good Earth tea is $3.44 at Whole Foods. Good Earth looks like a really sustainable green company – in addition to being organic, the tea bags are unbleached, and the packaging is 100% recyclable with soy based inks. Plus the tea bags are not wrapped in plastic overwrap, as so many tea bags are.

Now that you can relax with a good cuppa tea, what about the kids’ lunch bags? Lots of school kids pack organic milk in their lunch bags. My son drinks regular white milk – not chocolate, not vanilla, not strawberry – but I could never find the money-saving bulk containers of Horizon white milk. Finally, at the Tenleytown, DC, Whole Foods, I found a carton of 18 Horizon organic milk boxes for $13.79 – or 76 cents per package. This is quite a savings over the 3-pack packages which sell for close to $4. More savings on organic milk? Check out this link where you can register for Stonyfield Farm coupons, including fifty cents off a half gallon of organic milk.

As for bread, who can resist home baked bread? I was indulging that weakness with the delicious breads at the Spring Mill Bread Company located in my local MOM’s. Yet with the price of a loaf of fresh baked organic oatmeal bread hitting nearly $5 a loaf, and many loaves well past the $5 mark, I decided it was time to call it quits on this little luxury. Instead, I picked up some basics – organic whole wheat flour, yeast, salt, and white organic flour. For about $1 a loaf, we now have freshly baked organic bread that is even better than the bakery’s bread. And it’s not at all hard to bake. More on that in another post!

Happy shopping! Do you have any great organic or green savings to share? Please leave a comment!

Carnival/Mr. Linky Update – Still working those darn MIS issues to get Mr. Linky working properly. Hopefully we’ll have everything ready to go next Friday to start our own mini-carnival on Green and Organic Savings!

In the meantime, OrganicMania is participating in the Festival of Frugality for the first time.

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6 Responses to “Green and Organic Savings Friday: Organic Milk, Bread & Tea”

  1. MamaBird/SurelyYouNest on May 3, 2008 10:46 am

    Hey! I totally love Spring Mill bread. I travel out to your neck of the woods (or used to) just for it. Like you I make my own now, in my freecycled bread machine. I make a version of soulemama’s WHO bread (mmmmm). Thanks for the shopping tips – love me those organic savings.

    Great to hear they’re helpful! Thanks for stopping by! — Lynn

  2. mama k on May 4, 2008 11:16 am

    We’ve been baking our own bread too. Very yummy and oh so cheap!

    I had no idea how many bread bakers there were out there! MamaBird says she bakes too! :) — Lynn

  3. Gift of Green on May 5, 2008 7:49 pm

    Ooo! Looking forward to your carnival!

  4. Sue on May 6, 2008 6:48 am

    We make our own bread too-but only once a week. Still, it’s a real treat to have home made bread.

  5. Frugal For Life » Blog Archive » Festival of Frugality 124 on May 6, 2008 8:04 am

    […] OrganicMania – Green and Organic Savings Friday: Organic Milk, Bread & Tea at Organic Mania […]

  6. matt on May 6, 2008 11:16 am

    Here in the SF Bay Area, we’re able to pick up really excellent organic 100% whole grain bread via Bay Bread. The trick is that we can only find it at our farmer’s market, so we load up once every couple of weeks.

    The really odd thing I’m noticing is that Whole Foods (our main non-farmer’s market food source) is suddenly very spotty with offering organic produce.

    The only organic potatoes I could buy came in a 5lb bag, and peppers (yellow, red, green) are most often conventional. I understand that their supply is based on what is available, but this is a trend I’ve seen with them over the last few years, and I’m really starting to wonder.

    Anyone else notice the same?

    Matt – that’s fascinating. I do notice that it is hard to find organic strawberries and grapes at Whole Foods. It would make sense that they can’t keep up with demand – especially in the Bay Area! Thanks for stopping by! — Lynn

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