Today is Blog Day

August 31st, 2008

Today is not just the day before Labor Day – it’s also Blog Day. So what is Blog Day? It’s an event created to celebrate the diversity of the blogosphere. Participants are encouraged to share five new blogs with their own blog’s community.

Here’s the founder of Blog Day, Nir Ofir, on Blog Day: “Did you know that the majority of blog Readers read a very small number of top blogs? Is this social media? I initiated the blogDay in 2005 with the belief that bloggers should have one day which will be dedicated to discover new blogs and expose them to the world.”

I’ve chosen to share five blogs that are outside OrganicMania’s normal coverage of green and organic news and trends. Without further ado, here are five blogs I recently discovered that I hope you enjoy too:

1. Of course, how could I not pick the Blog Day founder’s blog, UGENCO? Short for “User Generated Content,” Nir’s blog focuses on UGENCO articles, news and views. As I literally just discovered this blog, I can’t say too much about it, but it has to be great, right?

2. Learning that Nir blogs from Israel made my thoughts turn to one of my favorite bloggers, entrepreneurs, and all-around “personalities,” Jeff Pulver. I met Jeff back in the ‘90s when he was starting the first Voice on the Net conference and I was Director of Marketing at Telogy Networks, a Voice over IP start-up (now part of Texas Instruments). Reconnecting with Jeff through his blog, his tweets, and his recent meet-up in DC has been a joy. Jeff blogs about diverse subjects ranging from this morning’s Tel Aviv “meet-up” breakfast to musings about how his twin sons will handle separation from always-on Internet access while at summer camp.

3. Charlene Li was known to me as one of the great Forrester analysts on social media and the co-author of Groundswell. But poking around Charlene’s new blog just the other day, I discovered her personal blog, Midnight Musings. Immediately l felt a sense of kinship with Charlene – like her, I’m a Mom who is working hard to balance self-employment and consulting with family life. Then I discovered that Charlene also posts on the great ….

4. Silicon Valley Moms Blog. SVMoms Blog is about “40+ moms [who ]write about being CEOs at work and CFOs at home, where houses are expensive, kids love sushi and have web businesses, and moms are too busy chauffeuring kids to raise a sword in the mommywars.” SVMoms Blog reminds me of why I always loved my business trips to Silicon Valley!

5. is a great site to check out for news about non-profits and the challenges facing them. I love this recent post reminding their readers that “charitable nonprofits in the US are simply forbidden from doing anything with the goal of affecting the outcome of any election, whether for President or for dog catcher.”

So Happy Blog Day! Now you can spend part of Labor Day cruising the blogosphere, discovering great new sites!

— Lynn

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