Made with Love: A Video Tribute to the @GreenMoms Community

March 9th, 2009

Many thanks to fellow Green Mom Anna Hackman of Green-Talk who felt moved to put together this tribute video to the Twittering women of The Green Moms Carnival in honor of our winning the Shorty Award for Best Green Content on Twitter.

The video is 5 1/2 minutes long and provides an introduction to 15 of the 30-odd women behind the Green Moms Carnival. Among us are authors, environmental activists, Moms taking a break from the workforce, businesswomen, marketing consultants, LEED-certified attorneys, green building experts, entrepreneurs, educators, and more. We are Moms and we are “Mothers of the Earth” — no children of our own, but a responsiblity to everyone’s children to leave the Earth a better place for future generations.

Anna is a LEED certified attorney – she’s not a marketing or video whiz, but she took it upon herself to create and execute this video. What you’ll see is proof of an enormous amount of goodwill towards the Green Moms community and all we have accomplished and hope to accomplish in our fight to leave a better Earth for future generations.

Thank you, Anna, thank you for your hard work, kind words, and thanks to all the other women of the Green Moms Carnival, and thanks to those who support, inspire, and encourage us in our work.

— Lynn

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2 Responses to “Made with Love: A Video Tribute to the @GreenMoms Community”

  1. Anna (Green Talk) on March 9, 2009 5:24 pm

    I fancy myself as an amateur “video-tographier!” Perhaps Laurie David and Al Gore will need me on their next green collaboration…Laurie?? Al???

    In any event, I was inspired by this wonderful group of women who help me grow and learn every day. AND it is all because of you, Lynn! Thanks for the kudos.

    All I can do is smile, Anna. I’m so glad we met through blogging! — Lynn

  2. Dave Heffernan on March 11, 2009 5:07 am

    Nice video spotlighting the Green Moms community and its growing momentum. Congrats to all; keep up the good work.

    Hi Dave, nice to hear from a “Green Dad.” Thanks for the compliment! — Lynn

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