Green Valentines for Your Little (and Big) Kids

February 11th, 2010

With all the focus on “Snowmageddon” “Snowzilla” or whatever you decided to  call the two storms that hit the DC area this week, I actually forgot Valentine’s Day is coming up…!

Heck, between snow days (6), illness (2 days) and holidays (2), my kids will have missed 10 out of 11 consecutive school days!  So I think I can be forgiven for forgetting that those darling little Valentines need to be dutifully addressed to each classmate and brought into school next week!

But when I checked the school listserv today, I realized apparently I was the only one who had forgotten…a bunch of other parents had actually spent constructive time during the snow storms making Valentines cards with their kids!

What a great idea….and it’s not too late…

You can get fancy if you want, but in earlier years, when I’ve had my act together (no snow), I got  rave reviews from the preschool teachers with just the simplest of Valentines. Before my son could even cut out a heart shaped valentine, he cut circles, squares, oblong odd shapes – whatever he could muster – from red construction paper. Then I either wrote his name on each one or he stuck a sticker with his name on each Valentine.

The teachers and kids loved the home made Valentines. I loved doing a simple, easy craft with my child from materials that we already had at home. What’s more, I didn’t waste gas, consume unnecessary plastic, or have to spend bucks on silly Valentine’s cards.

C’mon…join me – it’s not too late – we can still get those Valentines cards made! And making – rather than buying – is just one simple way to show love to Mother Earth this Valentine’s Day!

Does your family have a Valentines tradition? Leave a comment and share!

— Lynn

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