The Carnival of the Green #179

May 11th, 2009

Welcome to the Carnival of the Green! This is my first time hosting, and already I have two lessons learned:

1) Don’t sign-up to host a carnival on the Monday after a holiday weekend unless you want to spend all weekend working on the submissions you’ll start receiving on Friday; and

2) Don’t let anyone convince you to put in an “easy” WordPress upgrade right before your post is due!

So apologies for not getting this up earlier, but yes, I did enjoy the weekend, and yes, I need to learn more about WordPress!

But seriously, if you are interested in hosting some time, you can check out the master calendar at Treehugger here. And thanks again to the host of last week’s carnival, Go Green Travel Green, and to the host of the next carnival, which will run on May 18th at Ethical Superstore.


What a week for a carnival! We had a ton of submissions! So grab a cup of organic tea, coffee, juice, beer or wine – your pleasure – and kick back, and relax!

Save (a little bit) of the World is a post that can be hard to read at times, but the author speaks the truth about what’s wrong with today’s society. She also offers some concrete suggestions for change, an approach that was echoed by several other submissions for this week’s carnival. The Tao of Simplicity shares 10 Ways to Go Green to Help the Environment. Five Cent Nickel shares his tips for Going off the Grid – a very thought provoking post. And J to the izoe shares the secret we’ve all been looking for: how to finally stop “The Talking Phone Book” from being delivered to your house year after year. What a waste of paper, ink, and time! My new pal Condo Blues shares some simple gardening tips and great photos in: Can’t Compost? Use Coffee and Eggs Instead! Elena EcoDiva shares six ways to get green and gorgeous for under $20.

Following up last week’s post about factory farms and swine flu, Sally Kneidel has a new post about swine flu. Experts say swine flu is likely to return this winter, and perhaps spread much more aggressively then. Why? Because we’re all cooped up together in buildings? Nope. Recent research has revealed just why serious flu outbreaks are almost all in cold weather. Has nothing to do with being crowded inside! What is it, then? Read and see .

Did you know May is National Bike Month? My friend Beth Terry of Fake Plastic Fish wants you to try biking this month! Beth’s favorite method of transit is riding her bike. While bike riding is “green” in and of itself, this post includes resources for lowering your bike’s impact even further. And if you find that biking suits you, why not start using your bike for your morning and evening commute? True Adventures in Money Hacking shares commuter tips in: How to Commute by Bike.

Well, you can be excused if you didn’t know May was National Bike Month. But tell me you didn’t know it was time to put in the garden! Let The Happy Redneck show you How Gardening Can Be A Snap! And once you get out in the garden, you may have to put up with some bugs. Alex from shares a “recipe” for natural ant killing spray.

After reading HomesteaderBelle’s submission about the joys of goat milk and simple living, I had a craving for goat milk ice cream!

The Parade of Homes recently kicked off in Orlando. Running from May 3-17, six of the 70 homes showcased this year are totally green! Not only that, dozens have green features! This is fantastic, because it means green is no longer a trend – it is here to stay & be integrated into home building for years to come!

All of us greenies know that low-flow showerheads are the eco-savvy choice. But this post from makes a good case for how they can save the other kind of green too — your hard earned money.

Perhaps you can use the green you save from going green to travel to far off lands (if you travel sustainably, natch!) This week, we received two interesting posts about international environmental issues – the first, Pollution in a Promised Land, runs on the Jewish Climate Initiative blog, and the second, from The Travel Expert, is about sustainability certification programs in Costa Rica.Fortunately, if you’re thinking of taking off for parts unknown, you can check out this Go Green Travel Green review of  Kleen Kanteen stainless steel water bottles. Added bonus for travel: they now make a wine carafe! Who knew?

Thanks for hosting!

I know plenty of women named Cindy, but no one named “Recycled Cindy,” at least until now! “Recycled Cindy” shares a recycled crafting project – how-to instructions to make a recycled plastic bracelet crocheted from plastic bags and other upcycled plastic materials.

From the safety and security of crafting to the dangers of sharks – it’s a crazy green carnival this time ’round! Check out this post from David of Southern Friend Science. Did you know that there are four things everyone needs to know about sharks? Actually, I did. The “Green Moms and Dads” of elementary school age children probably all passed the four question test with flying colors, but for those of you who haven’t had the pleasure of reading 100 or so shark books in the last year, please check it out! Seriously, it’s a great post!

Hope you enjoyed the Carnival!

— Lynn