Eco-Friendly Father’s Day Gifts: 10 Ideas from Four of My Fave Green Dads

June 19th, 2009

With Father’s Day just around the corner, I reached out to some of my favorite Green Dads on Twitter and in the Blogosphere for some eco-friendly gift ideas.  Here’s what four of those   Green Dads  confessed they’d love for Father’s Day.

1.    Michael O’Loughlin of The Better Living Show aka  @molfamily on Twitter is hoping for a reel mower. As Michael puts it, “ My electric one is nice, but not power is even better.  Keeps me in shape also.”

2.    @DerekMarkham, also known to many from his great blogs   Natural Papa and TwilightEarth, has a bunch of great ideas, including  “something to do with shaving (double-edged safety razor or a straight razor – greener than disposables or cartridge razors)”;

3.   Derek would also love ” a solar charger for cell phone or laptop (Solio is a good one);” and

4.    this green Dad  points out that a guy’s got to eat. So Derek says a  “stainless travel coffee mug (save on disposable cups) or water bottle or  some organic Fair Trade coffee or chocolate” might be good options;

5.    and of course Green Dads look great in t-shirts, so Derek reminds us that a nice gift is always  “ an organic cotton T shirt with a ‘green’ slogan on it.” (I like these cute dog-themed soft organic cotton Ts from Fundamentally Dog, a company I did some work for a while back);

6.    NaturalPapa Derek also points out that a bike messenger bag from recycled materials would be a way cool gift;

7.  @GreenDadsBlog is  a Dad with simple desires. He says, “  You kind of stumped me on this one. Personally I’d like to see no cards or gifts purchased, and a simple day spent with family.”

8.  And my children’s very wonderful Dad, aka @organicmania_DH says he’d like some really cool upcycled  or recycled (whatever you want to call it!) ) accessories like these cool DC trolley token cuff links or this neat bicycle chain frame from .  (Disclosure: ecoartware is a client of mine).

9.  OrganicMania_DH also says he’s looking forward to a nice dinner out. In past years we’ve enjoyed DC’s 2 Amy’s and  Indique Heights. This year, who knows?  Suggestions welcome!

10. And for those Green Dads who are married to Twitter-addicted Social Media Moms,  we might want to lay off the tweeting and blogging for the weekend!   There’s nothing better than full-on attention from those you love.

Hope you and yours enjoy a wonderful Father’s Day Weekend!


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