Thinking Again About a Hybrid or Electric Car? You’re Not the Only One

May 8th, 2010

It seems like an eternity ago that decisions to purchase hybrid and electric vehicles hinged mainly on considerations like fuel economy, the price at the pump, and the age and condition of your existing car.

The Gulf oil spill disaster changed all that.

Nothing in recent memory has so powerfully seared into our collective consciousness the need to reduce our dependence on oil.

Wildlife is dying.

The ocean is suffering.

Read this moving blog post by Larry Schweiger, President of The National Wildlife Federation.

Nothing will ever be the same again.

With this as the backdrop, I hate to confess, I have my own oil addiction. I don’t own a hybrid. One of our Subarus is eleven-years-old, and still in excellent condition. Our other Subaru is newer, and we bought it out of brand loyalty – the first one kept us safe after a deer crashed into our windshield when I was pregnant with Boo.

Subaru, when are you introducing hybrids or electric vehicles?

I’m in the market for a hybrid or electric car now. (Guess I should have really made the Volt test drive that Chevy invited me to!)

What about you?

This is a post for the Green Moms Carnival on Transportation, hosted by Big Green Purse.

— Lynn

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