Something to Listen To…Green Interview

March 31st, 2009

I’ve blogged a few times about “better late than never.” Well, this is one of those times. So bear with me as I post this podcast interview conducted by the wonderful Tom Tucker of Green The interview was recorded some time ago (you’ll have to listen to it to figure out when!) and in it, I discuss tips for making the most of your organic shopping budget, my life as a green marketing consultant, how I got started in the Green Blogosphere, and the wonderful Green Moms of the Green Moms Carnival.

Poor Tom Tucker has probably been scratching his head wondering why I didn’t post this sooner – so my very public apologies to you, Tom. Thank you again for a delightful interview.

What has finally motivated me to post this interview? Well, I have another radio interview tomorrow – this time with community radio station KVMR’s See Jane Do program which is “a social change multimedia program, capturing the stories of everyday women doing extraordinary things for the planet.” The Corporation for Public Broadcasting-funded program will be webcast here at 4:20 p.m. EST Wednesday – and it’s a call-in show. I invited fellow Green Moms Carnival member Jennifer Taggert aka The Smart Mama, to join me, along with Lisa Frack, online parent outreach coordinator for The Environmental Working Group.

In prepping for my interview tomorrow, I listened to the Green Blogosphere interview again. My verdict? I think I shared a lot of good information, but said “um..” too often! And can you tell I’m from New Jersey?

Please let me know what you think!


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