A Wonderful Day: What to Say?

May 6th, 2010

I hear that some bloggers complain about not having enough material for their blogs.

My problem is the opposite: it’s hard to know what to cover – there’s so much stuff going on!

Today was a perfect example:

– That incredible government report about environmental causes of cancer. The very same topic we’ve been tackling via Green Moms Carnivals! Yes, eat organic and avoid toxic household cleansers and personal care products!

– The re-opening of FRESHFARM Market by The White House. Where does the time ago? It was less than a year ago that the Market launched. Now it’s back, with more farmers and more food for everyone! Check out these pix of Chef Jose Andres with his giant paella!

–  Oprah tackling #saferchemicals reform and overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act. Yes, really!

–  Moms Rising naming the Mother of the Decade!

– And Green Moms Carnival being named one of the top ten most influential Moms groups online. This is no “green list.” This is top 10 out of ALL Moms. I love it! It shows we’re spreading our message out beyond the “green choir” and out to a more mainstream audience. It means we’re achieving our goal – …”increasing the likelihood that our eco-conscious messages will be heard, understood and adopted by more people.” You can check out the press release from Groupable here.

Now…if only Boo would recover fully and go back to “camp school” for the first day this week (tomorrow is Friday)…it would truly be a great week!

— Lynn

Disclosure: My company, 4GreenPs, was retained to help with the re-launch of the FRESHFARM Markets by The White House, which I blogged about here. There was no compensation for this post, I blogged this out of sheer excitement!