Organic Baby Food for a Penny More than Conventional!

October 29th, 2007

My last post mentioned the downward pricing pressure in the organic market. I’ve never seen better evidence of this than today, when I noticed a sale on Safeway’s O Organics line of jarred baby foods. Now through Sunday, November 11th you can purchase 10 jars of organic baby food for $6. That’s just 60 cents per 4 ounce jar, or 15 cents per ounce. Sitting right down the shelf from the O Organics is conventional Gerber baby food, priced at 59 cents per jar. Yes, that’s right – this means that you can buy organic jarred baby food for just a penny more than conventional jarred baby food.

If you prefer the name brand Earth’s Best, you can grab that on sale too – 12 jars for $9.49 – that’s just 79 cents per jar, versus it’s regular price of $1.05 per jar at Safeway.

Don’t interpret this as an ad for Safeway – I have no connection to the store other than the fact that I’ve probably spent tens of thousands of dollars there over the years!

A key reason I launched this blog was to help parents make sense of their organic purchases. And what makes better sense than buying organic when it’s just a penny a jar more than conventional baby food?

Best news – I asked the customer service rep if this sale is nationwide, and she said yes. It’s a nationwide in-store only sale. So head out to Safeway and shop, shop, shop! — Lynn

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2 Responses to “Organic Baby Food for a Penny More than Conventional!”

  1. Heather on October 31, 2007 7:52 am


    I was excited to learn about your blog!

    I wanted to let you about locally owned, locally produced, MOM MADE Foods based in Alexandria VA – fresh frozen organic foods for babies. Our products are available in freezer aisles of all Whole Foods, Wegmans, Balduccis, etc in the DC metro area.

    Made with the freshest organic ingredients with the same recipe that I made for my son as an infant. Freezing is our preservative and we buy from local farmers when our ingredients are in season locally. Yes, it costs more than jarred foods but it is a whole lot fresher and higher quality – just as if you made the foods yourself, you’ll notice the difference in the taste, color and naturalness. There’s really no comparison.

    Keep up the great work!


    Heather – Thanks for writing! Wow, it’s interesting to see how many new entrants there are into the frozen organic baby food category. This didn’t exist at all until recently! In fact, I just became aware of it and I have an 11-month-old! Is this something you feed toddlers as well? Ie, is the food pureed or is it offered in stages of varying textures, just like the jarred kind? Best wishes with the business. Great to see so many “mommypreneurs” in the DC region! — Lynn

  2. Heather on October 31, 2007 12:05 pm

    To answer your question about whether this is good for toddlers as well as babies, the answer is yes! We offer four varieties: apple, pear, broccoli and sweet potato. Our pear and apple make for great snack foods on the go or are delicious mixed with whole plain yogurt and some granola for breakfast. The broccoli makes for an easy, yet very healthy meal when mixed with mac n cheese or spread onto a pizza crust with cheese on top. And the sweet potato for an 11 mo old is a super way to introduce new flavors that your child hasn’t yet conquered, ie sauteed eggplant, zucchini, fresh herbs, fish, etc. We have developed recipes that young and old enjoy – check them out here: Enjoy!

    Thanks for the info, Heather! Sorry for the delay posting – your post got caught in my spam filter! — Lynn

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