Green Moms Carnival

July 29th, 2008


Welcome to the home page of the Green Moms Carnival! Here you can find links to past carnivals, find out about upcoming carnivals,  learn a bit about the amazing women behind The Green Moms Carnival, and discover why we created the Green Moms Carnival. And don’t forget to follow our Shorty Award winning Twitter account @greenmoms!

Current and Upcoming Green Moms Carnivals

2011 Carnivals

  1. January 17th – “Decluttering the Green Way,” hosted by Amber at
  2. February 14th – “For the Heart of It: Why I Love Blogging” hosted by Karen at Best of Mother Earth.
  3. March  – Spring Fashion & Eco Choices – hosted by Big Green Purse
  4. April  –  Water Conservation hosted by The Tranquil Parent
  5. May 12th – Inspiring Ideas for Getting Back to Nature – hosted by The Green Phone Booth
  6. June 1st  – Half Year Resolutions – hosted by OrganicMania
  7. July – Food Preservation hosted by Farmer’s Daughter
  8. August – 4th Annual Back to School – hosted by Micaela of Mindful Momma
  9. September: “Greening the Kitchen,” hosted by Jennifer of The Tranquil Parent. Submit posts to
  10. October: Green Pet Carnival in honor of Adopt a Shelter Dog Month – hosted by Condo Blues
  11. November – How to Be a Green Consumer – Black Friday edition – hosted by Eco-novice
  12. December – 4th Annual Holidays – host TBD

Submission Deadlines & Guidelines

You are welcome to blog with us monthly. Open Participation Always. Check out the prior month’s carnival for a description of the next month’s carnival topic. Post about the topic on your blog and submit your link with a brief description of the post, the post url, and your name to either the blogger hosting that month’s carnival (if listed) or to greenmomscarnival at gmail dot com as soon as possible after posting, but no later than the last Monday in the month prior to the carnival month.  Make sure your post is on topic, please.  Please state in your post ….this post is for the Green Moms Carnival (link to this page : on (topic) hosted this month by (link to host).

Due to the large number of submissions, we cannot guarantee that your post will be selected. Selections are made by the blogger hosting that specific  carnival. We try to run carnivals on or about the first Monday of each month. We skip to the second Monday in  months starting with a Monday holiday.  Sometimes we also run “special” carnivals on hot topics.

We do ask that you stick to the specific green topic and not be solicitious.  In other words please don’t blatantly sell something.  Also, please don’t email us, tweet, or leave comments asking us to support a carnival on a topic because – well, because  you want us to sell your products for you.


2010 Carnivals

  1. January 11th, 2010 – Green  ResolutionsNon Toxic Kids
  2. February 8  – CoalRetro Housewife Goes Green
  3. March 1 – Environmental Links to CancerNature Moms
  4. April 5 – Green Moms Dish About How They Dig Spring hosted by  Green-Talk
  5. May 3 – Green Moms Want Safer, Cleaner Transportation Choices hosted by Big Green Purse
  6. June 21 – “A Day in their Lives,” hosted by Beth of Fake Plastic Fish.
  7. July 31st – “Green Moms Take on Cosmetics: Safe or Unsafe?” hosted here at  OrganicMania.
  8. August 23rd – “Back to School,” hosted by Micaela of Mindful Momma.
  9. September  27th – “Eco Impact of Clothing,” hosted by Diane of Big Green Purse.
  10. 10-10-10 Carnival on Climate Change, hosted by ClimateMama.
  11. October 29th – Greening the Dead – Special Halloween Carnival – hosted by Deanna at The Crunchy Chicken.
  12. November 15th – Concrete – hosted by Lisa from Retro Housewife Goes Green.
  13. December – 3rd Annual Holidays Carnival, hosted by Jenn of The Green Parent

2009 Carnivals (17 in all!)

  1. December 8th – Climate Change / Copenhagen   Big Green Purse
  2. December 3rd – Greener TraditionsGreen Phone Booth
  3. November 16th – Saving Money through Green MeansCondo Blues
  4. November 15th – Recycling (On Recycling Day)Recycle Your Day
  5. October 15th – Green StandardsIn Women We Trust
  6. September 16th – Conserving ResourcesMindful Momma
  7. August 10th – Green Moms Speak Out on Bottled Water –  My Plastic-free Life
  8. August 10th – Back to School/Green Schools OrganicMania
  9. July 13th – Food Matters –  A Passion for Green Business
  10. June 24th – Green Moms Spill Their Eco-Secrets at The Green Parent
  11. June 5th – World Environment Day and World Oceans Day at The Smart Mama
  12. May – Gardening with the Green Moms hosted by Green and Clean Mom
  13. April 14th – Throwing up Plastic hosted by My Plastic-free Life
  14. April  1st – “The Toxic Tub” hosted by   Green and Clean Mom
  15. March –  Spring Cleaning hosted by   TinyChoices
  16. February — I believe...hosted by  The Smart Mama
  17. January 2009 Global Warming hosted by The Not Quite Crunchy Parent

2008 Carnivals

  1. December 15th – Going Green for the Holidays hosted by The Smart Mama
  2. December 7th – Green Moms Urge Obama to Adopt Prevention Agenda hosted by Big Green Purse
  3. November – Gratitude/Favorite Green Things hosted by  Best of Mother Earth
  4. October  6th – Commercialization of the Holidays hosted by  Green Bean Dreams
  5. September  7th – Back to School Edition hosted by Surely You Nest
  6. August  4th, 2008Global Warming hosted by OrganicMania – First Carnival

# # #

Members of the Green Moms Carnival (*Denotes Founding Member)

Our community is one of independent green voices. While we appreciate the efforts that corporations are making to go green and the activities of non-profits in this arena, our membership is limited to independent “green” women bloggers.

  1. Adventures in Climate Change
  2. Arduous
  3. Best of Mother Earth*
  4. Big Green Purse*
  5. Citizen Green
  6. ClimateMama
  7. CondoBlues
  8. Crunchy Chicken*
  9. Crunchy Domestic Goddess
  10. Eco ‘Burban*
  11. Eco Childs Play/Cate Nelson
  12. Enviromom*
  13. Fake Plastic Fish NOW KNOWN AS My Plastic-Free Life
  14. Going Green*
  15. Gray Matters*
  16. Green and Clean Mom*
  17. Green Bean Dreams*
  18. Green Jersey
  19. GreenPhoneBooth*
  20. Green Style Mom*
  21. Green Talk*
  22. GreenYourDecor and Green and Gorgeous
  23. In Women We Trust*
  24. Kitchen Stewardship
  25. La Marguerite* (Now blogging at Mind Deep)
  26. Milkweed Mercantile/Eco-Village Musings
  27. Mindful Momma*
  28. More Green Moms
  29. Nature Moms*
  30. Non Toxic Kids
  31. OrganicMania*
  32. Puddle Jumping in DC
  33. Recycle Your Day
  34. RetroHousewife Goes Green
  36. Surely You Nest* (now part of Green Phone Booth)
  37. The Conscious Shopper
  38. The Green Parent*
  39. The Soft Landing
  40. The Tranquil Parent
  41. Tiny Choices
  42. The Not Quite Crunchy Parent*
  43. The Smart Mama*

To unite bloggy voices around one environmentally-conscious theme per month, knowing that if we repeat the same green messages at the same time, it increases the likelihood that our eco-conscious messages will be heard, understood and adopted by more people.

Green-Talk’s Tribute Video to The Green Moms Carnival

Why a Green Moms Carnival?
Well, as La Marguerite so aptly put it, “Moms need to have a bigger role in the climate discourse. We are talking about Mother Earth after all. The qualities that come to us as mothers, as in giving, protecting, nurturing, and sustaining life, are the same ones that are needed to remedy climate change.” Read more here.

Who We Are – Really

We are a very diverse group of green women bloggers and we like it that way! We’re at different stages of our green journey.  For instance: Some of us drive SUVs, some drive Priuses (or don’t drive at all).   Our blogging approach is very different too: a few of us are among the top affiliate and internet marketers on the web, whereas others allow no advertising at all on their blogs. Some do blog tours, and others don’t do reviews at all.    Some of us are Moms, whereas others are not.

What unites is our desire to use the power and reach of our blogs to discuss  topics of common environmental concern.  It’s the oldest trick in any marketers book: message repetition.  By repeating our messages together – the same topic at the same time – we can reach more people than we ever could individually with a basic message of: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Refuse (and Avoid toxins and plastics!) .
It all started when I wondered why Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop had a list of top green blogs that did not include Green Mom bloggers. After all, Moms not only control the household purse strings, but we’re largely responsible for raising the next generation and influencing their adoption of green, eco-friendly habits.

I put together a list of what I considered to be the top Green Mom blogs, using Technorati’s “Magic Middle” ranking as a guideline. Next, I proposed that Alltop launch a new category – Green Moms. Alltop accepted all of us and added us to

Then I set about contacting the Moms. Some I knew well, but a few were new to me. We started an email list and had a great time emailing back and forth. Then Alana of GrayMatters mentioned that it would be a shame to lose contact, and that we should think of a joint project. That’s when I proposed the Green Moms Carnival…and we were off and running. Very soon we added our “Mothers of the Earth” – some other fantastic green women bloggers who are not Moms, such as Beth of Fake Plastic Fish, Karina and Jenn of Tiny Choices, and Mary Hunt of In Women We Trust.  And as soon as we publicized the carnival, we received submissions from “fans of Moms” and “sons of Moms” so we included them too!

Please join our carnivals or help spread the word! (Please bear with us if we don’t respond right away…this is an all-volunteer effort ).


Copyright 2009 OrganicMania

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