Green Moms Carnival on Monday!

October 5th, 2008

Tomorrow be sure to head on over to Green Bean Dreams to read a compendium of some of the best green bloggers talking about how to fight holiday commercialism. Curious to know more about the Green Moms Carnival? Read on or get the full scoop at the Green Moms Carnival Home Page.

It all started when I wondered why Guy Kawasaki’s Alltop had a list of top green blogs that did not include Green Mom bloggers. After all, Moms not only control the household purse strings, but we’re largely responsible for raising the next generation and influencing their adoption of green, eco-friendly habits.

I put together a list of what I considered to be the top Green Mom blogs, using Technorati’s “Magic Middle” ranking as a guideline. Next, I proposed that Alltop launch a new category – Green Moms. Alltop accepted all of us and added us to

Then I set about contacting the Moms. Some I knew well, but a few were new to me. We started an email list and had a great time emailing back and forth. Then Alana of GrayMatters mentioned that it would be a shame to lose contact, and that we should think of a joint project. That’s when I proposed the Green Moms Carnival…and we were off and running. Very soon we added what I dubbed “Mothers of the Earth” – some other fantastic green women bloggers who are not Moms. And as soon as we publicized the carnival, we received submissions from “fans of Moms” and “sons of Moms” so we included them too!

Who are the Green Moms of the Green Moms Carnival?

Curious to know more about the Green Moms Carnival? You can learn everything about how to participate at the Green Moms Carnival Home Page. Please spread the word or join in!

— Lynn

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