Green Moms Carnival: The Prevention Agenda

December 8th, 2008

The problem with being an activist Green Mom is that we’re Moms.

Seriously. I mean, there’s no busier time in life than those early years when kids just …need…you…all the time…it seems.

Throw in work,  time spent volunteering with schools, church and community organizations, and the desire to build upon a relationship with a husband, friends and extended family… and well, there’s just not much time or energy left over.

Especially not in the fast paced end-of-year whirlwind between Thanksgiving and New Years.

So that’s my excuse for not participating in today’s Green Mom Carnival over at Diane’s Big Green Purse. A weighty topic: Encouraging President-Elect Obama to Adopt a Prevention Agenda.

What’s a Prevention Agenda? It means that instead of playing “catch up” with environmental problems, we got pro-active about them and tried to prevent them in the first place. Head on over and read more here.

— Lynn

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