Monday Just Got a Whole Lot Better for Greenies: #EcoMonday is Here!

May 4th, 2009

It seems nearly everyone is on Twitter these days, which means that finding people you care about amidst all the din can be …well, challenging to say the least. This is where hashtags come in – those # marks that appear at the end of some tweets, like this one.

Commonly used at conferences, and for the popular Follow Friday meme, the new hashtag #EcoMonday is being used by the twitterati to point out recommended greenies to follow, as well as to spread tips and links about sustainable practices, green biz and green living. EcoMonday is the brainchild of Rob Reed of Max Gladwell. He’s put a real-time feed of EcoMonday tweets up here. This new meme is already one of the hot “trending topics” on Twitter.

I follow nearly 2,000 people on Twitter, all of whom I’d recommend as a “follow,” and most of whom are somehow connected to the green world – green Moms, green businesspeople, green marketing folks, and more… So I could stay busy with EcoMonday for months, if not years, to come! Come join in on the EcoMonday fun! Are you on Twitter yet? Leave a comment and share!

— Lynn

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